Membership (PH)

Ready to start your #OilificLife in the Philippines?

To get started, all you have to do is register for a Young Living membership and get your first Premium Starter Kit! You’ll then receive your Welcome Gift to guide you on your essential oils journey.

If you have any questions, you can message us in Facebook or Instagram or on our Contact Form.


1. Go to this link to sign up

2. In Membership Details, select “Philippines” and then select language

3. In “Who introduced you to Young Living?”, select “I was referred by a member” and have their ID numbers. In the Sponsor/Enroller Information, verify/add your enroller/sponsor’s id. (For Kat, its 11885982; or ask for the ID# of the Oilific Life Lead/Member who referred you)

4. Click “continue”

5. In STEP 1: Choose your starter kit, select the starter kit that your prefer.

6. In STEP 2: Essential Rewards Enrollment

6.a. NO – Skip this by selecting “No”.
6.b. YES – If you want to join the Essential Rewards (ER) program now and have a monthly recurring order and get freebies and reward points, select “Yes”. Then select “Yes” again to use the starter kit as your first month order. Click here to learn more about ER.

7. In STEP 3: Continue Enrollment

7.a. If you selected “Yes” on step 4 to be on ER, you need to choose the initial items on this section for your next month’s ER order. You can always change the items later.
7.b. If you selected “No” on step 4, you can click “Add more products” to add additional items with your starter kit, or if not, then click “Next” to go to next page.

8. Click “next”.

9. In the Membership Information page, enter your details and create a sign-in information

10.a. For PH residents, if you see the “Commission Processing Information” section,  select the option applicable to you and provide required information.

11. Check the checkbox for Terms and Conditions then click “agree and continue”

12. Continue to next page for payment and shipping.

13. Your account is now created and you’ll be getting emails about your order and how to use the YL Virtual Office to place future order!