Essential Rewards

Want  free items monthly?

How about reward points to redeem items for free?

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s loyalty program. It is a monthly automatic shipment  program that delivers your favorite products to you. It is available exclusively to Young Living wholesale/distributor members, this loyalty program is packed with benefits.

But basically you get:

Automatic monthly shipments (you can also have your order processed manually before your cut-off date)

Free shipping at 100pv, (or discounted expedited shipping, or free will-call pick up in Utah)

Earn reward points the longer you are subscribed (its like getting cash back but its in rewards points!)

Earn loyalty gifts when you consecutively order for 3, 6, and 9 months. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive blend after your every year ! (that’s more free oils!)

Get more freebies monthly. ER members gets 1-3 bonus free items at 190pv with YL’s monthly promotions.

How reward points are earned with each order:

Every Young Living product has a PV (Purchase Volume) determined. You may also think of it as “Point Value”. Many YL products, like most of the essential oils, essential oil blends and their supplements and personal care products all have the “full PV” – meaning that 1 US Dollar wholesale price equals 1PV. Some product may have lesser PV or no PV at all.

You will receive points based on a percentage of your PV for each Essential Rewards order. The percentage you receive depends on how many months you have consecutively placed Essential Rewards orders. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn in a month.

1–3 months: 10 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV
4–24 months: 20 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV
25+ months: 25 percent of each Essential Rewards order PV

On my 1st month, my order has 100 PV. So 10% of 100 PV gets me 10 Reward Points.
On my 4th month, my order has 100 PV. So 20% of 100 PV gets me 20 Reward Points.
On my 25th month, my order has 100 PV. So 25% of 100 PV gets me 25 Reward Points.

How freebies are earned with each order:

As a member of the Essential Rewards program, you can avail of free products based on the amount of PV you have on your order. The free items are acquired on the following PV levels: 190 PV, 250 PV, 300 PV, etc.

October 2020 Promotion
If your order reaches 190 PV:  you get the 5ml Aromaease and 5ml Ravintsara
If your order reaches 250 PV:  you get the first 2 items and a 30ct Inner Defense supplement
If your order reaches 300 PV:  you get the first 3 items and a 15ct Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea
If your order reaches 400 PV:  you get the first 4 items and a Young Living mug

Keep in mind:

There is currently a minimum of 50 PV per month. This means that you must place an order that has at least 50 PV each month to stay in the program.

You may redeem up to 350 points each month. Redeem your points online at checkout by selecting “Apply Points”.

When redeeming points,  1 point  = 1 PV, and you can redeem points for items purchased thru Quick Order. Example, your order total has 100PV, then you can redeem 100 points.