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KidsScents Oil

The KidScents oil are mild essential oil blends specially formulated for children. They are gentle and pre-diluted for easy and convenient use.

There are currently 6 KidScents oil: Bite Buster, GeneYus, Owie, SleepyIze, SniffleEase, and TummyGize.

Bite Buster essential oil blend lets your little ones enjoy the outdoors annoyance free.  Citronella is one of the main oils contained in this blend.

GeneYus essential oil blend is an excellent blend to diffuse while children are focusing and concentrating on projects.  This blend contains many different essential oils including Sacred Frankincense, Melissa, and Myrrh.

Owie essential oil blend contains many essential oils known for their skin supporting properties, such as Tea Tree, Elemi, and more.

SleepyIze essential oil blend can be diffused at bedtime to promote relaxation and restful sleep.  It contains Lavender and Valerian essential oils, known to help promote a peaceful environment, plus many others.

SniffleEase essential oil blend contains oils such as Eucalyptus Blue, Peppermint, Lavender, Ravintsara, Palo Santo, and more.  This oil blend is refreshing, and as part of the KidScents line, is formulated just for kids.

TummyGize essential oil blend can be applied directly to little tummies.  This oil blend contains Peppermint, Spearmint, Fennel, Ginger, and more.

Primary Benefits
• Helps child stay on task
• Soothes sensitive skin
• Supports healthy skin
• Calms the body
• Uplifts the senses
• Relaxes the mind and body
Who Should Use the KidScents Oil?
• Children under adult supervision.
Suggested Use
• Apply topically or diffuse.
• Read label directions for each essential oil blend.
• Only to be applied by a trusted adult or under adult supervision.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• If you have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.
Did You Know?
• Good emotional and behavioral health is an integral part of healthy development and enhances a child’s sense of well-being, supports rewarding social relationships with family and peers, and facilitates achievement of full academic potential. (
• Early childhood experiences have lasting, measurable consequences later in life; therefore, fostering emotional well-being from the earliest stages of life helps build a foundation for overall health and well-being. (